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Tumblr, I’m relying on your abilities to spread this. This is someone’s suicide note basically. It was posted today and we have a chance to save her if we get it around to enough people SOMEONE is bound to know her and be able to help. SPREAD IT PLEASE. 

I can’t live with myself if I don’t reblog this.

oh my fucking god, no. D:

if my followers dont reblog this you’s are all heartless, please unfollow me.

omg no. she cant kill herself no ):

i don’t understand how she can be hated, she is beautiful! she doesn’t deserve this<3

I hope she hasn’t done anything.
She’s so beautiful… If I were there I’d kick everyones ass who ever hurt her.
If she ever sees this, I know exactly what you mean. Everyone hates me for no reason too, sweetie.
But that’s why you have to stay strong. Don’t let the bastards win.
God, I hope you haven’t ended your life yet. You are so beautiful, and you don’t deserve to die.
Everyone please reblog this.. 

What a sucky day..


So today I was sick & had the whole day off school. It’s hard when you don’t feel the best, especially when you miss all your friends at school and speaking to them both about how good yesterday was for them. :( I feel like somethings happened today.. maybe it’s just me though. I hope everythings okay anyways and that I get to school tomorrow (even half way through the day). I miss Ellen and Jane. :/ sigh…

Missed you too darling :( hope you are feeling all good now :)

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